Version 1.0
Windows Ordering Taking Application for Restaurants and Cafe
ROS-D is the Software which installed on a POS or Desktop Computer or Server and it is a traditional Ordering software (POS) with rich capabilities (It is the Common application in the ROS Solution
  • It is utilized in composing of order (Optimized for Touch screens).
  • It receives orders from Mobile module and Remote websites.
  • It saves orders into the database.
  • it prints orders and publish them on large size screen
  • It saves clients and delivery database and accounts.
  • Issuing of Sales reports based on takers ,periods, tables and many others .
ROS consists of the following Modules which could make: 
ROS-M is the Android Application which installed on Smart Phone or Tablet, makes Waiter can compose and submit orders Wirelessly via WLAN
Requires Android OS . WiFi AP, and ROS-D Windows Application
With ROS-eMenu the Guest can compose his order by himself through a fixed tablet on the table or even from his own device through the WLAN .
Requires WiFi AP and ROS-D Windows Application

With ROS-Remote the Guest can compose his order through a Website and it will be fetched by ROS-D Windows Application at the branch he had selected.

ROS-D is the Application which will be responible for Printing of orders ,Save order in Database,issue Reports ,and Publish Orders on The large size LCDs.


ROS stands for “Revolutionary Order Taking” this name comes into reality through provision of the new capabilities and easiness of order taking process when utilizing local wireless communication. or Internet

Wireless ordering technology enables waiter or Guest to take order from his Smart Mobile phone and it will be immediately and wirelessly transmitted to the Kitchen and POS or Host while he is still standing at the same Place. .

Utilizing of smart phone or tablet in ordering in front of the client , will offer an impression of modernity and this will add more value and raise class category to the restaurant or the cafe


Version 1.2

Released on April 28th, 2012
  • NEWChallenge a Friend
  • UpdateUpdated Version

Version 1.1

Released on January 28th, 2012
  • NEWPublish Screen
  • FIX
  • Send speed
  • NEWGraphics for Retina Display

Version 1.0

Released on January 10th, 2012
  • NEWInitial Release





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